Funjungle was a much loved Cairns/Tablelands based latin jazz dance band from 1986 to 1991. Aiming to play pretty much what they enjoyed listening to, the band played enviable residencies such as Sheraton Mirage – Port Douglas with a mix of easy listening pop jazz (Michael Franks, Jobim standards) to things like Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” in a seamless and ‘fun’ way. Leigh James was guitarist/bassist/vocalist for the group from early beginnings with Frank Marino(Drums) , James Pollard(Keys) and Ruedi Homberger (Sax), with a few lineup changes, settled into Garry Steel (Keys), Leigh James (Bass), Giuseppe Vizzone(Drums), and Ruedi Homberger on (Sax/Flute/Percussion). The emphasis then was on paying dues, learning, grooving and improvising, with the intention of later focusing on composing original material…which alas, was not really forthcoming until the group disbanded in 1991, with Ruedi heading to Sydney to study and play and Leigh finding a new home in Byron Bay… But we’re getting the band back together! The 29 year reunion at the Tablelands will retain unashamed nostalgic repertoire, alongside assorted originals but with the emphasis on improv and fun!